Pre Wedding Prep Photography

This part of process picks up as the wedding party moves to the church and begins to dress and get ready before the wedding.  Emotions become heightened as time becomes suspended.  I try to move back and forth between the groom and the bride, the two dressing chambers after often filled with completely conflicting moods.  The brides dressing chamber is laughter with a very warm comforting feeling while the men’s is a bit somber, filled with a nervous tension since this is a process they are not used to undergoing.  But ultimately I try to capture that extraordinary moment when the bride and the groom look at them selves in the mirror for first time and see that expression of awe and wonder in their eyes. This part of the process leads up to the parties gathering for the processional and are filled with beautiful emotional moments like when the father kisses his daughter good bye for the last time.

Wedding couple with minister at the alter.

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