Wedding Engagement Photography

I have always offered a complementary engagement photos as part of all my wedding packages.  It is my way of getting to know you as a couple and see how we all work together.  I typically like to schedule some time in my studio and then also go to a location that is meaningful to you.  These sessions often range from playfully romantic to traditional formal.  You will then get to choose an image to be printed as an 8x10 portrait, which is often framed, set up and used on the registration table to greet your guests when they enter the wedding location.  I also include an image that will be turned into a black and white digital copy that can be submitted to newspaper.  These images will include touching up as required.  Many of these images are often used or printed to become part of the wedding announcements. What better way to introduce the world to the two of you as a new couple.  Be as creative as you want to express who you are and publicly establish the true nature of  your relationship.

If you are looking for some creative ideas for an engagement photo Bridal has an awesome section devoted to anything imaginable and everything you could possibly need know about becoming engaged.  It is a practical guide site which is often humourous, witty, and amusingly devoted to evertything wedding.  I love this site!!!!


Woman putting on makeup in the mirror getting ready for her wedding day.

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