Wedding Hair & Makeup Photography

I often like to shoot hair and makeup images in black and white.  It seems to heighten the dramatic emotional nature of this transformative process and lends itself to the stark quality of this sort of photography.  This is a personal look into the often intimate time with only the bride, her maids, and the mothers as they spend the morning together. I find it is often filled with an introspective nature.  This is the bride facing her moment of truth as her tensions begin to ease and she lets go of all the planning stages and turns her focus on herself.  Most brides treat themselves to extraordinary pleasures as it becomes a once in a lifetime experience.  Excitement fills the air with everyone transformed into extraordinary beauty as the process often takes hours to complete.  I do not focus solely on the bride, but I try to explore and expose the relationship between everyone involved; from the flower girls to the mothers’ emotional bonds as they let go of their daughter as they move toward a new life.  It is a glimps into the wonder and excitement of seeing in their eyes a young girl’s first discovery and passage into their remarkable beauty.


Young boy looking at his mother's wedding jewelry with bride.

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