Wedding Ceremony Photogrpahy

Finally the moment of the day everyone has anticipated arises.  The guests have gathered, everyone is in their places, and the music begins and the air fills with magic.  No two ceremonies are alike and I try to capture the natural feel of them becoming as unobtrusive as possible.  I try to balance and shoot with the existing and natural light of the church or backdrop.  I try to capture it from multiple perspectives from the back of the gathering to close up reactions of the bride and groom paying particular attention to the parent’s often-unintended emotional response.  I see this not as just a couple being married, but as a community event that is shared with all.  I always try to come to the wedding rehearsal so I can walk through the ceremony to test the light so I know exactly where to be at all the right moments.  I have shot so many weddings that I know key moments, what to watch for and anticipate so I tend to move around a lot to capture the entire event. Through the relationship we have built up to this moment, I am also emotionally engaged to capture the beauty of your day as it unfolds.


Portrait of young bride and groom in front of University Hall.

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