Couple standing at the alter as minster holds ring up blessing it during a Montana Wedding ceremony.

Basic Wedding Package

I do not believe in the “One Size Fits All” mentality, but have three packages that are pre-assembled, as a starting point. Every wedding is so unique that most don’t just “Fit” into a standard package format. Ultimately each and every package I offer is customized just for you. This allows you to get what you want and remove what you don’t.  I want the bride and groom to select their photographer based on a personal connection, not merely a price. I can custom tailor a package to any budget.

  • Complementary Engagement Photo Session.
  • 1 8x10 Engagement Professional Printed Portrait
  • Black and White digital Engagement image for newsprint.
  • On your Wedding Day spending the full day capturing you from the moment you begin getting ready to reception. 
  • You will get a sneak peek preview of a few key images within days after the wedding to post to your Facebook.
  • All images will be edited as necessary with minor touch ups.
  • You will receive a disk with High Resolution Images and a copyright release statement.
  • Images will be uploaded to a High Quality Online Print Shop so image can be seen or purchased by out of town guests and family at reasonable prices.
  • 6 8x10 Professional Printed Portraits of any chosen images or $100 credit at Online Print Shop.
  • Travel within 60 mile of Missoula.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Terry Cyr Wedding Photography