Professional Business Headshot Photography

Greg Johnson classic professional lighting style headshot for The Montana Repertory Theater Company.We now live in a time where on-line profile images are becoming essential to showcase us to the online world.   So much of our business interaction is conducted through online chatting, communicating via Skype, and an assortment of social networking hosts.  Social media is also the way we search for jobs and broaden our business connections via systems like LinkedIn.  A great profile image goes a long way in connecting us to our clients.  Online profile pictures should have a professional quality to them; show us off without looking like too much fuss has been put into them, in other words natural.  They should be warm, friendly, and instantly engaging, what I term as conversational, but mostly they should represent who we are.

My approach is simple and begins with an interview.  We just sit and chat for a bit to try to assess and figure out how to best approach your needs and your ultimate use of the headshot.  I rarely like to shoot someone cold, without getting to know them first.  Not all headshots are the same as not all people are alike.  Subtle changes are made to light and position to match each individual.  This conversation insures we get to the core of who you are and come up with the best image possible.  We then shoot the headshot.  Afterwards, I prefer to have a day or so to go through the images and clean out the best of the best to create a series of proofs.  We can then proof or view them several ways:  come back to the studio where we can make an assessment together of which ones work best or I can email you, DropBox, or Smash (file sharing upload) you copies to preview.  Once you make a final selection I will clean it up and make it into your final headshots.   I will then provide you with two digital copies, one that is optimized and ready to use for the web and the other a high-resolution copy for print. 


Environmental headshot inside business client office with man sitting at his desk in natural window light. Styles of Business Headshots

Traditional headshots are going by the way–side, as the modern headshots are more intimate, personable, with a stronger connection targeted to the intended viewer. 

Environmental Headshots

On location and in the work environment, capturing the subject in their natural workspace.   The feeling is your clients have just popped into your office and get you working.  You glance up and immediately engage them.  Typically like to work with the natural light of the space, that may be enhances with a light strobe to fill in shadows and create a warm catch light in your eyes.

Campaign image of Judge Landee Holloway in studio with lighting and American Flag behind her.Studio Headshots

Shot in my studio, typically with a soft focus backdrop and lit specifically to bring out and enhance your personality.  The space and lighting is highly controlled for maximum effect.

Traditional Business Headshots

We can still create the traditional headshots, with the more angular and sculptural lighting and mottled backdrops.  If you have a company in which a standard formula has been set and you just want to match the existing style, I can take a look at what you have and generally recreate it

White Knockout Headshots

This is where we shoot against a white background in the studio and then take the background out in the final images to create a transparency so the subject free floats on websites.  This is particularly popular for overlapping your headshot or images with other graphics.

Example of a knockout headshot, Proactive Health owner standing with his arms crossed, and no background.



$125 for the photo session, this includes one headshot selection cleaned up and ready for use.

$25 per additional images cleaned up.

$25 per image for background knockouts and creating a transparency.

I take all major credit cards, checks or cash.  I can also invoice your company for payment.


Prepping for a Business Headshot

Think about your style and what that will be reflected in the image.  Match your clothing to your style: suits, comfortable business casual.  What you wear tells the visual story of who you are.  Finely pressed says something completely different then crumpled or wrinkled.  

Young professional man standing in a business suit in the natural window light.  Make choices that reflect your style and personality.  Think about what you want to say in the image.  The general rule is: the simpler, the cleaner the image will become, and the more hospitable and friendly the final image will reflect.   Stay away from busy patterns that can become a distraction from your face.  Think clean lines that lead up into your eyes.  Avoid shirts and tops that scoop too low, as headshots for the web often needed to be cropped tighter, and it is better to crop into a part of the clothing instead of exposed skin.  Avoid fine pin strips as this creates what called a moiré effect on most screens, (wavy lines that fluctuate as the monitor refreshes).

Do not worry about skin blemishes at this point, as they can be touched up in the final editing process. 

You want to take care of your hair and grooming again to reflect your personality.

This may seem logical but brushing your teeth before the shoot also goes along way to avoid difficult touch ups.

My studio is equipped with a dressing room for changing clothes and a counter with mirrors and a sink for adjusting makeup. 

Most of all, be prepared to come and have some fun.  After all it should be a fun process.

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