Professional Headshot Photography

Contrary to what most people believe a headshot should be, it’s not just as simple as going in front of the camera to take a few snap shots.  Good headshots are actually highly crafted images.  Most importantly they tell a story of who we are, define our personality; create an interest and an instant connection with the viewer.   They are well lit and refined to make you shine.  Often times at an audition or browsing web pages like Linked In, the profiles that instantly catch our attention are the ones with great photos.  Great profile images truly represent the person in a realistic manner and invite us in and want to engage us.  Think about how many times in these sorts of searches have you been drawn to the image first and then read their titles or credentials.  Headshots are divided into two different styles, an Entertainment type headshot that showcases the talent of an individual or a Professional Business type headshot that gives a face to your specific services your company may offer.

Weddings Button and Link, Bride and Groom Kissing with a Montana land scape in the back; Missoula Photography

Headshot Button and Link Young Man in Black and White; Missoula Headshot Photography

West button and link with image of a cowboy preparing for a rodeo; Missoula Photography

Button and Link, Senior Portraits Image of a boy by the creek In the woods; Missoula Photography

Beautiful Light Button and link with Classic Hollywood Lighting image: Missoula Photography